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Distraction is something we seem to be talking about a lot lately (don’t worry, this is not about to turn into a political rant).

The Emotion of Flavor

What would Christmas taste like if it were a Whiskey? Do you have something in mind? Or how about Thanksgiving, what would it taste like as, say, a potato chip?

WHY ask WHY?

Each time you ask WHY, the question calls for answers that reveal underlying causes, motivations and reasons.

Are you a Folder or a Scruncher?

Do you remember who taught you how to ride a bike or tie your shoes? You probably do. But do you recall who taught you to wipe yourself with toilet paper? And how did they teach you? And was it RIGHT?

The Supreme Brand and how it mixes up my Brain

Quick fact: The lead designers from Supreme and Louis Vuitton are former classmates at FIT or some other design school. (I made up the FIT thing, but I heard something close to this from a reliable source.