The Explorers

It takes a diverse set of skills, personalities and points of view to build a humming innovation ecosystem. We’re powered by our people—an energized group of innovation activists, original thinkers and passionate practitioners.

Client Testimonials

In this fast paced world, rapid prototyping isn’t negotiable, it’s necessary—Best in Class is Marco Polo Explorers.

Carlos Esquivel

Director of Consumer Planning – Captain Morgan North America en Diageo

Where most brainstorming and ideation is incremental ideas, Marco really pushes you and your team to get outside your comfort zone with big, game-changing ideas. He and his team are quick studies to understand your business, and their output is business-focused and implementable. Even better, they make hard work fun!

Pattie Newcomer-Simmons

VP, Brand Marketing – 15+ year client

Think of your stereotypical Innovation Researcher in your head. Got it? Now shake it clear, because there is nothing about Marco that fits that cliche! His charismatic charm sees him weave his way through workshops with effortless mastery while he chaperones either his clients or consumers to unearth piercing discoveries that lead to real ideas and real outcomes. He has a well defined offer that delivers results, book him.

Josh Gaudry

Head of Marketing and Innovation, Tribe Breweries

It’s always great to work with Marco, he has an inspirational presence and everybody always gets smarter when he’s guiding the ship!

Grant McCracken

Culture Camp – Author of top selling books

I believe the greatest testament to a strong leader is team that they are able to assemble, motivate and keep. I have worked with Marco for a long time and have watched him build the single strongest “A” team that I have ever had the pleasure of working with. It is always a surprise and delight to the clients who work with them.

Teresa Herd

Executive Creative Director – Contract at Australia National University – 3Ai Institute

Marco is creative and refreshing to work with – he understands the importance of openness to new ways of viewing the world.

Ken Coogan

Managing Partner, CooganPartners

Marco and his company offer a unique brand of Marketing and Creativity consulting that no other company offers. He can make you look at things in ways you never thought possible and he has the vision and business savvy to turn an idea into dollars.

Ernesto Levy

SVP – Global Head Suominen Corporation

Marco is a rare and exuberant talent who brings out the best in people and the very best in brands. His passion is real and palpable in a room and the people he touches cannot help but drop their inhibitions and get onboard. Marco absolutely “gets” the business side of a challenge so he can relate to C-level clients and feel their pain. At the same time, he maintains a tight grip on what is current, culturally vibrant and what the “next big thing” is bound to be. Marco wears his heart on his sleeve and keeps his head squarely in his client’s game…earnestly encouraging those around him to constantly take their “game up.” Marco has a way of leaving an indelible mark on a client’s business and the lives of friends, colleagues and clients. If you want to love life and grow in new and exciting directions, hang out with Marco. Work with Marco. Become one of the those fortunate enough to have Marco in their circle of friends.

Gary Kopervas

Purpose-first marketer, brand story designer, graphic journalist

Marco is one of a kind. He is incredibly high energy, fabulously creative, a great reader of people and business situations. Marco creates environments for creativity of thought to happen: He synthesizes nuggets of wisdom into elegant, powerful, integrated concepts. Everyone who meets Marco is inspired by him. Everyone who works with Marco is enriched by him.

Paul Kurnit

Marketing | Advertising | Professor | Change Agent | Interventionist

If you want a flurry of new, actionable ideas, coupled with the consumer background to “pay them off”, then stop messing around and call Marco. The energy from his team is infectious. New product ideas leap to life before your very eyes. Stop reading this and call him, you will be happy you did (and no, I was not paid to write this).

Dave Fleming

Senior Vice President, Group Account Director at We Are Alexander

Marco Polo USA, with Marco Marsan at the helm is a great collaborative partner in discovering and explaining innovation concepts that will work in the market. Marco has led several Best-in-class Innovation sessions and workshops for me that resulted in truly different ideas that were test ready.

William Higgins

Regional President, North America at Ricola

We’ve enlisted Marco’s help on a number of projects over the past years. In every case, Marco has delivered. He brings keen insights and the ability to draw the best ideas out of a project. He goes the extra mile – not only delivering ideas, but carrying them through to actionable in market success.

Tim Murphy

Brand Builder | Digital Innovator | Leader & Motivator | Customer Champion | CPG, Insurance, Luxury | B2C & B2B

Marco is in one word, brilliant. He never settles… he is driven to push, himself and more importantly those around him, to greater potential through thinking beyond expected results. He pulls the best out of the people around him… and that in itself is priceless. Not to mention, the one thing he may love more than innovation is people.

Tony Guard

Director of Design and Innovation

In short, Marco and his team of Explorers Rocks. I leveraged Marco more times then I can count and every session was unique, stimulating, and produced impactful results. If your butt is on the line and you need to get a new idea or innovation shipped out the door, get with Marco. He will take your hand and walk with you down the path to success.

Brodie Dunn

Director Strategic Insights at Pepsico – Frito Lay

I’ve worked with many ideation firms and have found Marco Polo Explorers to be exceptional. In addition to their tremendous creativity and process, Marco and his team are extremely motivated and passionate about delivering for their clients. They are extremely talented, effective and committed. I highly recommend Marco Polo Explorers and look forward to working with them again soon.

John Sicher

Vice President Innovation & Brand Management at Zippo Manufacturing Company and W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery

Marco is a brilliant forward thinking individual who’s knowledge and insight would be valuable to any organization.

John Wickes

Harrah’s and Harvey’s Lake Tahoe | Caesars Entertainment Corporation

Marco is able to generate amazing connections with consumers, and translate their expressed needs into language that truly brings to life the holistic essence of new product ideas. His deep understanding and living of the natural category produced world-class expressions of disruptive food ideas for pets.

Ruth Moecks Devey

Director, Global Customer Insights, Analytics & Mkt Ops at Gulfstream Aerospace

I’ve worked with some great ideation agencies during my 15 years in Marketing / Innovation, and I’m entirely reassured to say Marco Polo Explorers is on the top of my list.

It’s impossible to not point out Marco’s leadership. He is bright and enthusiastic guy, with incredible charisma!! I’d would say he is the “Anthony Robbins” of Ideation!!

Elisson Dias

Founding Partner at The Retail Makers

Marco and his team live and breathe the spirit of Innovation. They are relentless explorers, creators, builders, and just overall great partners that push our thinking. If you want tangible ideas and results, you will get them from Marco!

Penny Mina Shaheen

Pizza Hut Strategy, Innovation, Insights

Marco Marsan has an extraordinary talent to introduce new perspectives that challenge the status quo. His natural connection to people’s motivations and desires combined with the wit of a storyteller make him a powerful force.

Simon Hay

CEO at Outra, Non-Exec of Nepa and Trustee at Brain Tumour Charity.