Pepsi Raw, Max, and Blue

The Challenge

Always trying to speak to a “new generation,” Pepsi pushed to create break-through news in the super-competitive soft drink category. To appeal to different sub-segments of their consumer base, they sought innovation based upon targeted cultural and flavor trends.

Our Approach

• Translation of Trends to Innovation Platforms
• Rapid Concept Prototyping and Design
• Concept Optimization
• Strategic Future Pipeline Building

The Results

Populated Pepsi’s growth pipeline with provocative ideas to keep the brand top-of-mind with its ever-new generation of target consumers. Pepsi Raw was born as the first mass-produced real sugar version of the iconic original formula. Pepsi Max was created as a fighter brand as soft drink consumption started to peel away towards the new energy drinks. And Pepsi Blue was conceived as a product to push all boundaries in the cola category and set the brand up as a fearless innovator.