Pizza Hut

The Challenge

Wanting to engage on the higher order benefits of family mealtime, Pizza Hut was compelled to raise the standard for consumers in a very competitive category. Their advertising campaign urged their patrons to “gather around the good stuff” so they wanted to create some theater around their food that upped the interaction and excitement in those “can’t miss moments” with family and friends.

Our Approach

• Translation of Trends to Innovation Platforms
• Incremental Insight Exploration and Development
o Developed rapid prototyping tech-consumer connection tool with R&D departments at Pizza Hut to uncover consumer insights and translate them into winning products
• Rapid Concept Prototyping and Design
• Concept Optimization
• Strategic Future Pipeline Building

The Results

MPE’s work with Pizza Hut transcended the pizza category. Beyond pizza in a box, the ideas born through this innovation series created game changing concepts for Pizza Hut’s business. From the moment you opened the box, these innovations delivered an elevated experience for those who came to “gather around the good stuff.”