WHY ask WHY?

By Marco Marsan of Marco Polo Explorers 10 October 2019

Studies indicate that children ask a lot of questions, close to 125 per day, while adults ask an average of six. Sure, some of their questions test us a bit. But there’s a brilliance in their innate impulse to ask questions without embarrassment, because what they are constantly asking is WHY!? Each time you ask WHY, the question calls for answers that reveal underlying causes, motivations and reasons. When you repeatedly ask WHY, complexity is reduced to a simpler state until it becomes elemental and easier to solve or understand.

At Marco Polo, we are constantly looking at trends and new products, and we exercise our brains with this exact method. We ask why until we understand. In it’s simplest (yet most brilliant) form, we find that every strong idea will ladder up to a relevant social or cultural condition. It gives the idea a reason to exist by solving a genuine problem.

Try it for yourself! Find a provocative new idea that really grabs your attention, and ask WHY!? I’m curious, what condition or needstate did the idea ultimately pay off?

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